About Us

Dave Farrow started making surfboards with friend Bob Browsall at East Runton and soon had a local following. He then went on to create “Karma” surfboards, which earned him respect and establish him in the UK surf community.

In 1983 Dave moved to Newquay, Cornwall as a shaper / glasser for “Hott” surfboards, shaped under license for Simon Anderson and worked side by side with most of the other big names in the UK surf industry. Later he decided to go on his own and established Many Returns surfboards.

Many Returns surfboards are designed for UK surf conditions, this will enable you to have the best sessions at your local break. All of Many Returns surfboards are made form the best available material on the market. In the modern age of computer aided shaping machines Dave still believes that your best boards come from a strong relationship with your shaper.

Many Returns surfboards range from gliding nose riding long boards, mini-mals, progressive short boards to retro twin-fin fishes. All the surfboards are hand shaped and finished and can come in a wide range of colours, resin tints and finishes.

Dave has recently re-introduced Karma logo with range of retro-design boards.
9 Beachfield Avenue Newquay Cornwall
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1637 877277
email: many.returns@virgin.net